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About Us


Bridie’s Yard began life as the vision-child of two intrepid local food pioneers, Sally and Sophie Pullinger. Its ethic then as now, was to provide affordable organic food for everyone, especially single mothers and those on low incomes. From then, the banner was taken up by Simon Ganz who instigated the across the board trust system, and whose personal focus was the necessity of organics to counterbalance herbicide and pesticide poisoning killing off the ecosystem. For the past four years, the organic food co-op has been run by Tanya and Michael who see it as a different kind of revolution, one based on raising spiritual awareness and self-education by feeding the thinkers of Glastonbury. Bridie’s Yard provides a community hub interaction between food and social life that customers find invaluable. Feeding your kids healthily and sharing ideas with like-minded people is vital for a developing community.